Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phoenix Police Brass Let Serial Killer Rampage to Protect Turf

This will be out on all major media this week, Marc let Ernie break it first on Freedoms Phoenix.

Freedom's Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ) A $22,000,000 Notices of Claim was filed today alleging intentional, reckless and grossly negligent conduct by members of the Phoenix Police Department and the Phoenix Crime laboratory that directly lead to 37 year old Romelia Vargas' murder on February 20, 2006 at the hands of the media labeled "Baseline Serial Killer," Mark Goudeau. The Notices of Claim was filed by Attorney Marc Victor on behalf of Alvin Vargas, the husband of Romelia Vargas and five of her six children. No word on whether other injured families are contacting Mr. Victor's Law Office to join in the law suit.
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